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With 15 years of combined experience in 3D development over the web and online video distribution, LucidWeb can easily respond to all your questions related to VR and VR content distribution. As a thought leader in WebVR, VR video distribution and the European startup/investment landscape, LucidWeb is frequently asked to participate in expert panels at conferences across Europe.

Development & implementation

Wish to embed a proprietary VR web player on your site? Wish to add text, images, audio or video to a VR experience? We are here to help. LucidWeb has the resources available in-house to develop and implement the right solution for you.

Not just a virtual reality player.

In close collaboration with media companies across Europe, LucidWeb has developed a user-friendly, cross-platform Web player designed for a truly immersive and high quality experience. Our player can easily be used to publish a single 360°/VR experience but also be uniquely leveraged to show multiple VR videos as part of one immersive experience.

All your content in one place.
Investing in applications is no longer necessary.
Ubiquitous and immediate publication.

As our technology is built upon the WebVR technology, the VR video is directly accessible from any device, no download or installation required. The reVeRies pro platform includes access to a powerful CMS that enables the publisher to easily upload, manage, publish and analyse the VR experiences. Via this dashboard, the publisher can define a multiplayer set-up, add a script, add hotspots, and integrate spatialised audio.

From niche to mainstream VR thanks to WebVR

Our singular video VR player and VR gallery with immersive frontend reVeRies Pro are built in WebVR. WebVR is an experimental JavaScript API that provides access to Virtual Reality devices, such as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, or Google Cardboard, via the browser.
If you are interested to learn more about WebVR and how to access an experience in VR whatever headset you have at hand, please check out our up2date and very practical guide here.


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LucidWeb combines 15 years of European business expertise and technical know-how. We are using this accumulated experience to pioneer and push the boundaries of (commercial) virtual reality.

Leen Segers
Co-Founder, CEO

Leen has helped build startups in technology and media for almost ten years. From evangelising social media to monetising online video, she has experienced the frontlines of the startup world. As the COO of she helped the company turn a profit within her first year there. In 2015, she enjoyed her first VR experience and was immediately enchanted by the prospect of a new venture. Convinced that the future of mobile video will be virtual, she tracked down her technical counterpart; and together they now strive to push the industry forward.

Thomas Balouet
Co-Founder, CTO

IT engineer who went from developing video games to social networks and TV apps. Thomas' adventurous and curious nature triggered him to move into diverse domains, giving rise to an ardent entrepreneur with a unique technical profile. Since 2014, he is dedicated to the Web and VR. Involved with the community from the top-notch browsers in the US, to the local community in France, he's helping out building the Metaverse!

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